Audits are stressful time for most organizations. They can be seen by employees as head office spying on them and they may feel their jobs are at risk. It’s important to explain the role of audits for the greater good of the organization and to reassure your people that this is meant to show how the company can improve, and not an opportunity to point fingers and blame.

Internal audits should be a chance for employees to speak up, have their voices heard and shed light on aspects of their processes that could be improved. The internal auditor should be someone who understands your organization but can remain objective.It is during the internal audit that your organization wants to find areas for improvement so don’t hide things or avoid things to make your job easier.

External audits are typically more formal but should still be viewed as a learning and growth opportunity. Do not hide or avoid topics with your auditor and be sure you are prepared to report on the findings from your internal audit and how you are making the changes and improvements from those audits. Third-party audits should add value to your organization, and provide a chance to demonstrate you are running an effective and successful business.

Javaid & Co roles is to bridging the gap between auditor and your organization. Moreover, it’s auditing & assurance department is responsible for preparing and presenting accurate and relevant financial information to the stakeholders through expert auditors.

Additionally, we provide internal audit services, forensic audit, performance audit, cost audit, management audit, and fraud audit covering all major cities i.e. Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Multan.

The detailed auditing and assurance services are highlighting here;

– Cost Audit
– Financial Audit
– Performance Audit
– Management Audit
– Internal Audit
– Special Purpose Audits including Investigative Audits
– Physical Verifications of Inventories
– Fixed Assets Verification
– Due Diligence