We ensure a quality candidate for each position that is as close to the organization requirement as possible.

We recognize the value of time and ensure the position is filled within the client-defined shortest time possible. We have an exhaustive understanding of typical JDs and job specifications of most of the jobs. However, we also seek requisite clarity from our clients to design value-added job specification.

A team of recruiters’ leads by an HR expert identifies the required scale and scope of the search, keeping in view time and quality standards. We often use database search, social media linkages, employee platforms, internal references, and legitimate ways to build up an optimal resource pool for the job.

After shortlisting and preliminary interviews, candidates are exposed to a brief yet comprehensive assessment center. This assessment center (typically online) is the decider to select the best three candidates for the final interview with the client.

The final selection is done/approved by the client. The Vintage International Consultants (Pvt) Ltd evaluation and assessments are sent to the client before the last selection interview, thus enabling them to make more informed decisions.

To provide comprehensive solutions, we engage in in-depth market research & analysis of all internal & external factors, affecting our client’s performance.

  • We offer following HR Consultancy Services in the business Consulting area.
  • We work for clients as their HR Manager.
  • Development of an appropriate organizational model.
  • Employee objective/target setting.
  • HR policy formulation.
  • Job description documents.
  • Job evaluation assessments and assigning symbolic pay grades.
  • Performance Management Systems.
  • Drafting and completion of employee reference manuals.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Development of policies and procedures.
  • Performance evaluations.