About Us

Firm Overview

Javaid & Co, is the Chartered Management Accountant Management Firm providing services of Accounting Taxation, Legal and Corporate Management, Compliances,   and Business Process Outsourcing.

Javaid & Co is a platform of experts from diversified field of corporate and government sector. As an integrated team, we share skills, insight, resources, and a client-centric approach based on your business’s deep understanding.

Our Firm is here to advise you on a wide range of issues from Due Diligence, Tax Advisory, Risk Management, Restructuring, and Financial Advisory solutions as well as these core services, our firm also offer a wide range of specialist services, such as Tax Advisory, Legal Advisory, Bookkeeping, Information Technology and Human Resource Management.

We put ourselves at the heart of your business, where we can be most effective as your long-term advisor. We gain a deep understanding of every aspect of your location so we can respond with the right expertise and insights at the right time. We’re passionate about your success and about empowering you so you can face the future with confidence.

Our clients range from growth-focused entrepreneurial businesses to leading multi-national organizations across many sectors and operating nationally and across borders.

Collaboration Globally & Locally – We believe in providing all our clients with a consistent service that goes above and beyond their expectations, wherever they are in the world. That means supporting you with valuable expertise from a local perspective combined with our global professionals’ international knowledge and insights. This dual perspective empowers you to face the future with confidence.

Senior Expertise, Idea’s & Insights – We believe that every one of our clients deserves access to our most senior global professionals’ invaluable knowledge and industry insight. We’re proud to share their expertise with you, responding with speed and agility so you can meet each new challenge armed with all the relevant knowledge and insights.

Understanding Our Clients – Our client relationships are based on mutual respect and collaboration. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you believe in, and what and what motivates you. We’ll take a 360-degree analysis of your business segment, laws, and customs, enabling us to identify opportunities or challenges before they arise. By fully understanding your goals and success measures, we can support and empower you every step of the way – maximizing your potential